Devi Navadurga Temple,Redi-Vengurla,Maharashtra

Beautiful Temple in Konkan region of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra

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Devi Navadurga Temple, Kanyale-Redi,Vengurla

Posted by navadurga on February 3, 2010

My humble Service to our Kuldevata Shri Navadurga of Kanyale-Redi,Vengurla


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Introduction :
Originally from Gavasi (Gancim or Gavshi) in Tiswadi (Ilhas) taluka of Goa , believed to have existed there since 10th Century ,this goddess Navadurga (or Navdurga) was shifted during portuguese invasion in the 16th Century to Redi – Vengurla (or Vengurle)in the beautiful konkan region of Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra, very near from the Maharashtra-Goa Border.The temple is very near from the world famous Terekhol fort of Goa. For last more than 450 years, the goddess has been here. Vengurla -Redi is very rich in nature with lot of greenery , very pleasant atmosphere ,lots of Cashews ,Mangoes , Beetle -nuts & Coconut trees .Vengurla & Redi are among the 48 Sea-ports of Maharashtra..Nature wise , Vengurla is very beautiful , and can be called as ” Goa of Maharashtra “. Arabian Sea is nearby and there are many other temples in the vicinity. Goddess Navadurga ,said to be a form of goddess Parvati , is the Kuldevata of many Goud Saraswat Brahmins (GSBs),among many others.She is said to be Mahishasur Mardini.

Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms . She is a form of ” Shakti” .It is said that the evolution of Shri MahaSaraswati, Shri Mahalaxshmi & Shri Mahakali ( the main 3 forms of Shakti) took place from Shri Brahma , Shri Vishnu & Shri Mahesh respectively.Each of these 3 deities gave rise to 2 more forms.So , in all , these 9 forms together are known as ” Navadurga “.

The Mahajans & Devotees(Bhakta) of this goddess are mainly settled in Maharashtra (at Vengurla, Ubhadanda,Kanyale-Redi,Mumbai & Pune) ,Goa ,Karnatak (at Kumbharwada ,Karwar,Sirsi, & Mangalore),Kerala (at Kochi) & at USA.

There are some more Navadurga Temples in GOA at Madkai,Kundai,Bori,Adcolna(near Banastari),Pale, Surla (Dicholi) & Poingein.

For more detailed story of SHRI NAVADURGA ,Arriving at Vengurla-Redi, many Site-seeing places around Vengurla,Route Map & for picture gallery , Please check the respective links on the left hand side & do sign the “GUESTBOOK”. Shri Navadurga & this Web Site has featured in various Magazines / Newspapers.Also refer to “Acknowledgement /Disclaimer ” Section for details.This is a non-commercial & non-profit oriented website.

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One Response to “Devi Navadurga Temple, Kanyale-Redi,Vengurla”

  1. jy0tikumar said

    Story of Devi Navadurga most fascinating. So is its timing, coming as it does close on the heels of Saraswati Puja, another manifestation of the great Durga!

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