Devi Navadurga Temple,Redi-Vengurla,Maharashtra

Beautiful Temple in Konkan region of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra

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Pictures- Navadurga Temple & Redi

Posted by navadurga on May 5, 2009

Goddess Navadurga,Kanyale-Redi:

Goddess Navadurga,Redi:

Baracha Purvas at Kanyale:

Goddess Mauli at Redi:

Lord Ganesh at Redi:

Temple of Shri Ganesh,Redi:

Temple Entrance Navadurga,Redi:

View1 Navadurga Temple:

View2 Navadurga Temple:

Decorated Navadurga(Jatra):

Durga Devi & Slok:

Cashew Trees at Kanyale:

Kanyale Seashore:

Ferry Boat at Terekhol:

Terekhol fort & River:


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